National Legislation, Policies, Strategies and Programmes to Ensure Appropriate Protection and Benefit-sharing of Traditional Herbal Medicinal Knowledge with and by Traditional Herbalists in Uganda

"Today, the importance of Traditional Knowledge (TK) in Uganda cannot be overemphasized given the country’s widespread cultural wealth in knowledge, creativity and innovation. To-date, however, there is a limited number of established laws, policies, strategies or programmes in Uganda, to give a firm and clear guidance in the utilization, appropriate protection, promotion and access to benefit-sharing, of Traditional knowledge pertaining to the work of traditional herbal medicine in the country. The current and modern regimes on intellectual property rights are inadequate to sufficiently protect traditional knowledge and assure benefits sharing to the communities from which such knowledge comes. This study sought to establish the extent of usage of traditional herbal medicine in Uganda and how traditional knowledge can be protected to assure benefits sharing."