National Capacity Building Strategy Basic Strategy for other Reference Frameworks 40 Ideas for a Successful Takeoff towards Emergence

A Capacity-Building Strategy in Cameroon, is proposed in this document, because of the proven inefficiency, ensuing from a lack of the necessary capacities, despite the abundantly available resources. The document makes mention of other reference frameworks, amongst which it could be the required springboard for a successful takeoff towards emergence. Beyond analysing the various speeches made by the President of the Republic of Cameroon, this piece of work ensues from a broadened consultation with different stakeholders and segments of the society, for nearly two years. After analysing the data collected within the various government services, different groupings of the private sector and the civil society, digging into important documentation, the analyses and synthesis made here were backed by several national experts, on the one hand, and those of the ACBF Foundation, on the other hand, under the co-ordination of CAMERCAP-PARC. This four-chapter document opens with a brief reminder of the context and motivation of its production (Chapter I); prior to an analytical review of the situation of capacities, according to the ACBF prism (Chapter II); Chapter III, which may be considered as the heart of the document, dwells on the four programmes spelt out in forty different priority actions; and the implementation, monitoring and evaluation frameworks then conclude it, Chapter IV.