Namibians See Increased Corruption; Business Executives Now Top List of 'Most Corrupt'

Ellison Tjirera

12 Feb 2015

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"Corruption has yet to gain prominence as a public policy issue in Namibia. Most respondents to the 2014 Afrobarometer survey in Namibia do not rank corruption among the top priorities that the government needs to address. Other surveys rank Namibia relatively high in the fight against corruption. Almost two-thirds of respondents in Afrobarometer’s 2014 survey say that corruption has increased in Namibia over the past year, and a majority say the government is doing a poor job of combating corruption. For the first time since 2003, government officials and police are not perceived to be the most corrupt entities in the country, as business executives now top the list. Citizens say that the news media is effective in revealing corruption but that ordinary Namibians can also contribute by reporting corruption when it occurs."