Multiparty democracy in Mozambique: Strenghts, weaknesses and challenges

"This monograph is an evaluation of Mozambique’s multiparty political system. The report emphasizes issues relating to democratic consolidation in Mozambique, evaluating Mozambique’s political situation according to a number of key democracy determinants, namely - the electoral system; electoral administration; gender and democracy and good governance. By focusing on electoral democracy, the study has limited itself to providing a general description of current events in Mozambique’s political landscape. The study starts with an assessment of the political transition in Mozambique, and proceeds with chapters that evaluate Mozambique’s political situation according to four main electoral democracy criteria. Chapter 2 discusses positive and negative aspects of the electoral system. Chapter 3 examines the state of the country’s election administration, including the capacity and independence of the electoral administration bodies, and the economic sustainability of elections. Chapter 4 deals with gender and women’s participation in the consolidation of democracy, including women in politics, the quota system, women and elections, women in electoral bodies, and women in local government. Chapter 5 assesses the multiparty system, including the state of political parties, conflicts and elections, the funding of political parties, international observers, and civil society and elections."