Morocco faces its First Commercial Dispute before the WTO Morocco - Hot-Rolled Steel Case (Complaint from Turkey)

This paper examines Turkey's case against Morocco before the World Trade Organization (WTO), over anti-dumping duties on hot-rolled steel products. Turkey's complaint constitutes both a precedent and an opportunity. First, it is a precedent in that Morocco was previously never involved in a case before GATT or WTO, neither as a plaintiff nor as a defendant. Second, it is an opportunity as the evaluation of the legal process of the complaint enables an assessment of adequacy of Morocco's arguments and, consequently, the elaboration of recommendations and guidelines for the overall legal strategy. This paper aims to analyze the elements and consequences of Morocco's first experience with the WTO dispute settlement system. A two-step approach will be adopted: first, a presentation of the arguments of both parties to the dispute and the conclusions of the Panel; and second, an assessment of the Moroccan legal strategy and the means of improving it.