The bilateral trade between Brazil and Morocco is associated with the agricultural productive chain. This has a significant part that is involved with the export of agricultural raw materials by Morocco and the export of food products by Brazil. Intra-industry trade is not very expressive in bilateral trade between the two countries. The analysis developed in this paper, led to the identification of opportunities to expand Brazil-Morocco bilateral trade. The findings point to existing opportunities for the consolidation of market shares that have already been achieved and for the development of intra-industry trade in industrial sectors implemented in the two countries. There are also opportunities which reflect complementarity and the asymmetries between productive structures and between the foreign trade portfolio of Brazil and Morocco. The paper also points to the fact that there are aspects of the trade policy of the two countries which hinder the achievement of these opportunities for the growth of bilateral trade. On the one hand, the high level of tariff protection applied to many of the products selected. On the other hand, the existence of trade agreements which confer competitive advantages, mainly in the case of Morocco, to other suppliers that compete with Brazil in the Moroccan market.