Monitoring of Local Government Budgets and Road Transport Services in Quarter II FY 2019/20

This report presents findings of the Budget and Service Delivery Monitoring Exercise (BSDME) carried out in 26 districts where the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) operates . The exercise was undertaken by ACODE and its partners. Budget and service delivery monitoring is part of ACODE’s role under the Budget Transparency Initiative (BTI). The Initiative is a partnership between Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MFPED), ACODE, the Budget Strengthening Initiative of the Overseas Development Institute (BSI-ODI) and the Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group. The main objective of the BTI is to promote budget transparency and accountability in Uganda through the dissemination of budget information to citizens and soliciting feedback on the use of public resources. The BSDME largely focuses on three basic aspects, namely, the display of information on transfers at service delivery units, payroll & pensions, timeliness in receipt of funds, and quality of services including challenges. This round of BSDME specifically focuses on the quality of district and community roads that make up the largest proportion of Uganda’s road network. The exercise sought to assess the quality of these roads, the capacity of districts to undertake road maintenance, and the challenges they face.