Monitoring and Assessing the Performance of Local Government Councils in Uganda: Background, Methodology and Score Card

"The objective of this paper is to provide general background information and analysis upon which comprehensive monitoring of local councils is conceptualized and undertaken. The paper is based on a comprehensive review of existing literature on monitoring the performance of local governments in Uganda and elsewhere. The elements of the monitoring framework articulated in this background paper were tested through limited fieldwork to target districts including Kamuli, Mbale, Mbarara, Hoima and Bushenyi. An expert task group comprised of practitioners and local government officials reviewed and provided input into the methodology and score card through a series of meetings. The local council’s institutional architecture and, the political, legislative and service delivery mandates of district councilors and local council organs were identified as pillars around which performance and monitoring indicators or the local government councils score cards are developed. The paper is divided into 4 broad sections addressing three main objectives. Section 2 after this introduction presents an overview of the state of knowledge and practices on monitoring the performance of local governments. Section 3 examines the functions of local government organs, identifies major themes and establishes appropriate parameters around which monitoring indicators are developed. Section 4 outlines a methodology and the set of indicators that can be used in monitoring the performance of district local councils. Section 5 contains our conclusions and recommendations."