Methodology for the Participatory Formulation of Local Economic Empowerment & Development Strategy (LEEDS) in Local Government Areas in Nigeria

The impact on sustainable development remains weak and unfelt, although planning for development in Nigeria can be traced to the colonial era. This has resulted in poor management of both the natural and human resources in the country and little development. Nigeria remains a paradox of poverty in the midst of massive oil windfall, despite its rich human and natural resources. By 2005, for example, the poverty level in the country remains high with about 56% of the population still living below the accepted poverty line of US$1/day. This policy paper summarizes the methodology adopted to make LEEDS’ formulation participatory and people driven as well as presenting one of such plans for the benefits of other LGAs who may want to prepare their LEEDS. It is hope that states and Local Governments will replicate the approach in the formulation of their LEEDS.