Mending Broken Relations after Civil War: The ‘Palava Hut’ and the Prospects for Lasting Peace in Liberia

This policy brief focused on the potential contribution of the Palava Hut process towards reconciliation and the restoration of justice in Liberia. In order to do so, the paper briefly discusses the Palava Hut and the philosophical assumptions that underpin it, as well as the proceeds to highlight the potentials and challenges of the Palava Hut as a transitional justice measure. In the section following, it suggested policy-relevant recommendations for navigating the difficulties specified. The data that this policy brief draws on derives from in-depth interviews with 50 Liberian citizens, including justice professionals, academics, survivors and ex-combatants; a focus group with members of a Monrovia-based ‘Atai Shop’ ‘Intellectual’ Centre; and participant observation of a Palava Hut process within the Kissi community in Monrovia.