Mediating peace in Africa: Securing conflict prevention : Strengthening the mediation and conflict prevention aspects of the African peace and security architecture

"Africa is entering a new era of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. The formulation of the AU in 2002 and the Peace and Security Council (PSC) in 2004 firmly established institutions dedicated to the promotion of peace, security and stability in Africa. The Protocol Relating to the Establishment of the PSC includes mediation as a specific function of the PSC (AU, 2004: Article 6, 3). The seminar was convened in order to inform the AU Mediation Work Programme, based on four themes:Mediating Peace in Africa; The New Architecture – Lessons and Insights; Mediation Experiences from the Field ; Mediation Support: Challenges and Opportunities. Five recommendations emerged from the seminar: That partnerships and cooperation would strengthen the mediation and conflict prevention aspects of the AU’s PSC. That institutionalising mediation was integral to strengthen the AU’s mediation capacity. That early warning systems should form an integral part of the mediation and conflict resolution process. That the AU should establish measures to learn from experiences and record lessons for future best practice. That civil society can and should play a key role in mediation processes."