Marginalisation and violence Considering origins of insurgency and peace implementation in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan

"This paper addresses two issues. First, it builds on an argument in earlier research on the Nuba Mountains that purely resource-based explanations are not sufficient to find comprehensive measures for conflict resolution,showing that any resource scarcity explanation needs to be incorporated in its prevailing socio-cultural and political context. It is further argued that the mere existence of resources is not necessarily a reason for conflict and that resources only gain prominence and become conflict-prone in the social context that dictates their desirability and value. For instance, in the case of the prolonged wars in Sudan’s periphery, resource-focused analyses alone cannot explain why conflicts have been triggered in these politically and socio-economically marginalised areas. An explanation incorporating resource politics in a broad state and governance-based analysis with a significant socio-political dimension does, however, allow a conceptualised interpretation of these conflicts."