MAPS Provocateur Briefing Report Forum on Development and Mitigation - Hunger, Poverty, Inequality and Climate Change Mitigation

This paper outlines some key reflections from the Development and Mitigation Forum, hosted by the MAPS Programme in Cape Town in January 2014. The paper argues that the mitigation community needs to shift towards putting development first in order to bridge the gap between the two sectors. Furthermore, by putting hunger and inequality at the heart of low-­carbon development, broader constituencies can be built to challenge powerful interests maintaining a high-carbon growth pathway. The two communities could work together to set ambitious goals, reach out to the broader sections of society and challenge behaviour or aspirations to achieve the transformational change needed to lift people out of poverty and avoid catastrophic climate change. The paper comments on the mitigation discourse, the similarities and differences with development, the need to cut down on jargon and areas of future collaboration.