MAPS Provocateur Briefing Report Forum on Development and Mitigation - Employment

A central theme of the Forum was to address the problem of the climate change mitigation and development debates taking place in separate silos. Most of the participants were working primarily on climate change mitigation but were clearly aware of development issues and were keen to foreground these. The key issue is the existence of actual or potential trade-­offs between mitigation and development (in this case specifically, employment). There are ‘win-­win’ areas which clearly should be pursued and as one commentator mentioned, policy makers should be sure to eliminate ‘lose-­lose’ policies, which are inimical to both mitigation and development. There was also, rightly, an emphasis on the importance of specific national contexts. For example, Brazil and South Africa, are two countries with some important similarities in terms of their development paths. They are both large, upper middle-­ income countries, which followed import substitution industrialization policies. Both are resource rich and both have very uneven income distributions, although Brazil has recently made important progress in reducing income inequality. But from an emission standpoint, they are very different.