This publication can be used as a reference document with two main sections: i) dynamics in the provinces, and ii) contact information for organisations working on peace initiatives across Zimbabwe. This information can be useful to persons working in or interested in the field of peace-building and conflict transformation. In the first section, the provincial chapters were compiled using information collected from actors in each province and include the following sections: 1.Provincial Background 2. Community Needs 3. Conflict Dynamics 4. Approaches to Peacebuilding 5. Peace Programming 6. Youth and Conflict Transformation 7. Operational Gaps and Recommendations 8. Provincial Priorities 9. Points of Contact for Peace Initiatives in the Province. The second section of the publication contains a database of organisations working on peace initiatives in Zimbabwe. Each provincial chapter begins with background information which was taken from Each chapter speak through the voices of the participants, without any further analysis than what was discussed during the workshop process. Readers are provided with a chapter on ‘The Sum of the Whole: Reflecting on the Bigger Picture’ as a way to address overarching themes without detracting from the content captured in the provinces.