Managing Climate Extremes and Disasters in the Water Sector: Lessons from the IPCC SREX Report

"This thematic brief summarises the key findings of the report relevant to water resources, and water management. It draws exclusively on material from SREX. It includes an assessment of the science and the implications for society and sustainable development. It makes suggestions for immediate action to avoid further damage from climate extremes and to build a more resilient future with benefits that go beyond water management. It examined how climate extremes, human factors, and the environment interact to influence disaster impacts and risk management and adaptation options. The report considered the role of development in exposure and vulnerability, the implications for disaster risk and DRM, and the interactions between extreme events, extreme impacts, and development. It examined how human responses to extreme events and disasters could contribute to adaptation objectives, and how adaptation to climate change could become better integrated with DRM practice. The report represents a significant step forward for the integration and harmonisation of the climate change adaptation (CCA), DRM, and climate science communities. "