Making Local Economic Development (LED) work in Ghana: An extract from the GGA-WA Publication titled “Economic Development Pathways for Local Area Development

Local Economic Development (LED) aims to boost local economies, promote job creation and income generation and improve governance and municipal performance. Making LED work in Ghana is based on a different approach (bottom up approach) to traditional development strategies. LED must focus on improving MMDAs territorial competitiveness and economic performance. Again, MMDA's must work to develop strategies and projects which will enable them to share the benefits of economic growth. Consequently, MMDAs should work to create the enabling environment for the private sector /MSME to operate, create job which will lead to poverty reduction through increase employment. As a result, MMDAs can increase IGF. All stakeholders must work together to develop an understanding of their local economy and most importantly use available local resources to advance local economic development. These stakeholders at the local level including local governments, businesses, community organisations and/or NGOs need to work together to achieve sustainable outcomes in LED. Furthermore, all regionals and national level stakeholders must all play their respective roles (especially in facilitation among others) to make LED work in Ghana.