Lowering the Anchor on Maritime Insecurity along the Gulf of Guinea : Lessons from Operation Prosperity

"In November 2011, at the request of the African Union (AU) President, Boni Yayi of Benin, the United Nations Secretary-General sent a delegation to the Gulf of Guinea. The team was to assess the Gulf’s piracy situation and make appropriate recommendations to the UN as to how the UN could assist in tackling the problem. Following the visit of the assessment team, the UN Security Council adopted UNSCR 2039 (2012) condemning all acts of piracy and armed robbery along the Gulf and emphasised the need for a comprehensive strategy among all affected nations to address the problem effectively. This Policy Brief seeks to discuss the joint naval operation between Nigeria and Benin. Furthermore, it examines the lessons learnt from this operation and makes recommendations based on the lessons as a means of countering piracy in the Gulf of Guinea."