Low Carbon Development and Poverty Exploring Poverty Alleviating Mitigation Action in Developing Countries

"Climate change presents a threefold policy challenge for middle-income countries. They need to: i)design mitigation actions in such a way that they contribute to alleviate poverty; ii) reduce emissions, helping to slow global warming in a way that does not compromise the competiveness of their economies, because without collective action by all, the costs of inaction affect mostly the poor; and iii) prepare to adapt to the unavoidable consequences of climate change. The paper unpacks the linkages between low‐carbon development, mitigation and poverty in middle- income countries (where the majority of the poor live). Most middle-income countries pursue carbon- intensive development paths and will need to mitigate emissions towards low-carbon development paths. How can mitigation actions contribute to poverty alleviation? An explorative analysis of mitigation actions in five middle-­income countries shows that mitigation has moved on the political agendas over the past five years. Yet, these efforts are not necessarily linked with poverty alleviation instruments. Most mitigation action can have positive and negative poverty effects. Their impacts depend on an adequate pro-poor policy mix."