Looking Beneath the Cloak An Analysis of Intelligence Governance in South Africa

"The governance of the intelligence sector presents a unique set of challenges to democratic governance and the practice of the principles of transparency, accountability and participation. South Africa has experienced a transition to democracy, which has been accompanied by reforms to the security sector of the state. The intelligence services have not been immune to the deepening vibrancy of the democratic South African state. Mechanisms of control and accountability have been established, and democratic oversight as prescribed by the Constitution is exercised through a parliamentary committee. The reputation of the intelligence community has, however, been tarnished by scandals, allegations of misuse of power and position, partisanship, lack of professionalism and poor-quality intelligence products. This paper seeks to analyse the current state of governance of the South African intelligence community and ascertain whether or not indications of an evolution towards greater accountability, transparency, participation, efficiency and effectiveness are evident."