Looking Back, Moving Forward : A Regional Synthesis Report of Beijing +20 Reviews from Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritania, Rwanda and Uganda

Four of the twelve thematic areas of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA)is addressed in this report notably, Women and poverty, Women and economy, Violence against women and Women in power and decision-making. The review focuses on the four themes aimed to complement the ongoing national reviews with in-depth and focused information on the sub objectives in the four thematic areas. It therefore provides views of different community level groups such as women, men, youth and other marginalized groups (persons living with disabilities, haratine and descent from slaves, and the young people) as well as national level key informants including policy makers, government actors, CSO fraternity and women’s movements, the private sector, UN agencies and academia. Overall outcomes of the review point to varying levels of progress in government’s efforts to address women empowerment, demonstrated in follow up actions on international and regional policy commitments. The existence of macro level policies and legal frameworks addressing women empowerment further confirms governments’ effort for addressing gender equality.