This assessment report is organized into seven chapters. In the introductory chapter an overview is provided of (LGCSCI) Local Government Councils’ Score-card Initiative and of the decentralization context in which service delivery in Uganda occurs. Chapter Two discusses the theory of change undergirding LGCSCI objectives of assessing the performance of local government leaders and providing the information about their performance to the electorate. Chapter 3, the methodology chapter describes the research design; participants in the research; research tools, data collection and management; quality control assurance and ethics; and the approach to analysis. Chapter Four focuses on the Score-card Performance and Assessment. It is the central chapter of the research report, presenting the performance results for all the 30 districts, and offering a comparative analysis of the performance of all councils, district chairpersons, district speakers and councillors across the districts. Chapter five discusses trends in Local Government revenue and describes public service delivery in all 30 districts covered by LGCSCI. This is followed by a discussion of the associated challenges faced by citizens and districts alike. Chapter Six focuses on how to make local governments work for citizens, examining the internal and external factors affecting the performance of Local Government. Chapter Seven presents policy recommendations for improving the performance of local governments and of decentralization generally, and concludes with a discussion of LGCSCI’s on-going impact on governance in Uganda.