Local Government Councils' Performance and Public Service Delivery in Uganda Mbarara District Council Score-Card Report FY 2013/2014

The findings presented in this policy brief are from the 2013/14 assessment of Mbarara District Local Government under the Local Government Councils’ Score-card Initiative (LGCSCI), an evidence based project implemented by ACODE in partnership with ULGA with support from DGF. From the municipal scorecard report, the following recommendations were made: 1.The budgetary allocation for Mbarara Local Government will be increased by Central Government to meet service delivery priorities. 2. Strategies were devised to increase and effectively collect local revenue from available local resources. 3. Mbarara District Local Government devises simpler ways of resolving issues for the sake of the entire district and to allow resources spent on mitigating such conflicts to be allotted to service delivery priorities. 4. More staff should be recruited to fill vacant positions and to carry out district activities for effective service delivery. 5. Monitoring should be intensified by both political and administrative leaders to check shoddy works on service delivery units, especially road works. 6. Mbarara District Local Government institutionalizes the practice of elected leaders producing monitoring reports. 7. More capacity building initiatives are included for council members and elected leaders in areas of legislation, drafting motions and bills, report writing, record keeping and minute taking.