Local Government Councils' Performance and Public Service Delivery in Uganda Mbarara District council Score-card Report 2012/2013

"This is the second Local Government Scorecard assessment report for Mbarara District Local Government. Using the scorecard, ACODE assesses the performance of the District Council, the Speaker and individual Councilors who are vested with powers and responsibilities to ensure effective service delivery and good governance of the respective local governments as stipulated in the Local Governments Act. The scorecard is intended to build the capacities of local leaders to deliver on their mandates and empower citizens to demand for accountability from their elected leaders. This report provides information and analysis based on the assessment conducted during Financial Year 2012/13. The report is based on a comprehensive review of existing literature on: planning and budgeting, service delivery monitoring, and Mbarara District Local Government performance reports. A review of minutes of sectoral committees and council sittings was also undertaken to inform the report, particularly about the performance of the Council, the Chairperson and individual Councilors. Face-to-face interviews with the targeted leaders, key informant interviews at service delivery points and focus group discussions with the electorate further enriched the assessment process."