Local Government Councils' Performance and Public Service Delivery in Uganda Apac District Council Score-Card Report FY 2013/2014

In this policy brief the findings from the 2013/14 assessment of Apac District Local Government is presented under the Local Government Councils’ Score-card Initiative (LGCSCI), an evidence based project implemented by ACODE in partnership with ULGA with support from DGF. The report made several recommendations: 1. Budgetary allocation should be increased by Government for the Apac District Local Government to meet service delivery priorities. 2. Through popularizing the Local Economic Development (LED) agenda, local revenue sources in Apac should be increased. The district has potential to generate local revenue, which has not yet been tapped into. 3. There is need to recruit key administrative staff that can offer leadership and supervision to ensure efficiency in service delivery. 4. The District should engage stakeholders in monitoring of service delivery. The district should design monitoring report formats for councillors to improve on documentation and record keeping. 5. Institutionalization of the practice of production of monitoring reports by the elected leaders. 6. Include more capacity building initiatives for council members/elected leaders in areas of legislation, drafting motions/bills, report writing, record keeping and minute taking.