Local Government Councils' Performance and Public Service Delivery in Uganda Amuria District Council Score-Card Report FY 2013/2014

The findings from the 2013/14 assessment of the Amuria District Local Government is presented in this policy brief. The report recommends the following : 1. The focus of the Amuria District should be more on broadening the local revenue base and support the local revenue streams. 2. There is an exigency to recruit more staff to fill vacant positions in order to carry out district activities and to enhance effective service delivery. 3. Citizens need to be sensitized about the statutory roles of their leaders in order to hold them to account. 4. Individual Councillors, committees of council and the district technical team should increase on frequency of monitoring services and provide feedback from such visits. 5. All stakeholders involved in monitoring should ensure that they follow-up on reported service delivery deficiencies from monitoring visits until they are addressed by service providers.