Links Between Climate Change, Conflict and Governance in Africa

"This paper reviews the linkages between climate change, governance and security threats in Africa, and analyses the response of the international community in formulating climate change policies to ensure future security and prevent conflict. It also identifies available policy options and recommends mitigating measures to counter the perceived and real effects of climate change in Africa. Also briefly reviewed are the roles of African states, regional and national organisations, and the international (donor) community, which will all be instrumental in achieving success. The report also pleads with the rich countries to provide adaptation funds to developing countries so as to lay the foundation for low-carbon growth. If policy and financial incentives for climate adaptation and mitigation are to be successful and equitable, there is an urgent need for a solid scientific understanding of how services flow from one region to another. The focus should, on the one hand, be on what segments of populations benefit from ecosystem services and, on the other, what groups would need to be compensated for protecting those services."