Linking Universities and Marginalised Communities South African Case Studies of Innovation Focused on Livelihoods in Informal Settings

"The monograph contributes exploratory research on patterns of interaction in South African universities, with a specific focus on networks of academics and marginalised communities centred on innovation to enhance livelihoods. We describe analytically what exists, in order to begin to account for the effects of university interventions and community activities, and the conditions under which we may promote the role of universities in innovation for inclusive development in terms of realising South Africa’s inclusive developmental policy goals.The monograph begins with a brief review of the emerging literature on innovation for inclusive development, to set out the conceptual and analytical framework adopted for the research. Chapter Two then describes the methodology of the empirical research. Chapter Three analyses patterns of interaction in distinct types of university, to situate the potential for linking university knowledge producers to networks that improve livelihoods of marginalised communities. Thereafter, Chapters Four to Seven present an in-depth, detailed, ‘thick’ analysis of each of four case studies, to facilitate comparison."