Liberia: Time for Much-Delayed Reconciliation and Reform

"After a credible, though contentious, election, President Johnson Sirleaf is governing a still-divided country under a weak mandate. A fragile peace remains vulnerable to destabilisation by disputes over natural resources, a weak police force and a frustrated younger generation that includes ex-combatants, some of whom are fresh from fighting in Côte d’Ivoire. A more convincing effort against corruption and better economic opportunities are needed to help appease those likely to challenge state authority, as well as provide a basis for addressing reconciliation and security and electoral reforms. The president needs to act on the commitment to tackle these issues she made in 2006 and reaffirmed in her 2012 inaugural address. To consolidate the gains of her first term, she must demand greater accountability from government and other political and economic actors, while acting firmly against those who fail to deliver."