Land Reform, Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and Gender Relations: A Case Study of Gallawater A Farm Volume 1

"The first chapter of this report outlines the rationale for the research on gender relations, sustainable rural livelihoods and land reform. It also provides background on the analytical framework utilised in the study, and the research sites which were considered. Chapter 2 is a literature review which focuses on issues around gender relations, sustainable rural livelihoods and land reform processes. Chapter 3 reviews the land reform processes in South Africa and specifically in the Eastern Cape in terms of the sustainable rural livelihoods framework. Chapter 4 deals with the history and origins of the Gallawater A farm beneficiaries and the processes that led to their purchase of the farm. Chapter 5 looks at the livelihood resources on Gallawater A and the other farms to which the beneficiaries have links. Chapter 6 examines future prospects for Gallawater A farm.The final chapter summarises the issues that emerge in the study and provides recommendations on the way forward."