Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg: An Analysis of Budget Allocations and Revenue from the Environment and Natural Resource Sector in Karamoja Region

"This study explains the causal relationship between governance and environmental accountability in the Karamoja region. In essence, this particular study provides a baseline description of the ENR budget in the region. The overall objective of the study is to document and analyze central and local government allocations to the ENR sector in the Karamoja region. This study provides an analysis of the budgetary allocations to the Environment and Natural Resource (ENR) sector and the revenue arising from the sector in the Karamoja region. Given the fact that over 60% of the land in the region is under protected area management and that the region also has vast mineral resources, Karamoja cannot develop without the effective harnessing of the ENR potential in the region. The ecological and legal integrity of ENR sector and its integration into the development planning process is therefore critical to the current and future efforts towards the development and transformation of Karamoja."