Kenya's Neglected IDP's Internal Displacement and Vulnerability of Pastoralist Communities in Northern Kenya

"This report investigates the situation surrounding these displaced pastoralists. It examines the causes of their displacement, the legal basis for their protection and the shortcomings in responding to the problem. To address these, the report gives recommendations for the government of Kenya, traditional leaders and donors. This report seeks to illustrate the key factors behind pastoralist displacement in order to understand it and,where possible, contribute to prevention. Once displaced, widespread insecurity and limited access to justice, services and sustainable livelihoods hamper the ability of many pastoralist IDPs to return to their homes and lands. Some of these IDPs have chosen to return, despite insecurity, to care for their livestock and attend to their livelihoods, but a significant number remain in urban and semi-urban areas, in host communities that have limited or no resources to support them."