"Kenya is endowed with rich natural capital and biodiversity. Its diverse landscapes range from the Chalbi Desert in the north to the snow-clad peaks of Mt. Kenya, from the white beaches of the Indian Ocean to the shores of Lake Victoria, and from the rolling plains of Maasai Mara to the floor of the Great Rift Valley. The interactions between topography, soils, hydrology, plants, animals and peoples within each eco-climatic zone create locally distinctive ecosystems, including different types of forests, woodlands, shrublands, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, lakes and rivers, montane, afro-alpine and marine ecosystems. Kenya, ranks among the world’s richest biodiversity nations and hosts over 35 000 species, including more than 7000 plant species and many endemic, rare, endangered and threatened species. In short, natural capital and biodiversity underpin Kenya’s economic growth and the wellbeing of its citizens.