Kenyan Baseline Report: COVID-19 and the Youth Question in Africa: Response, Impacts and Prevention Measures in the IGAD Region

This survey report addresses the youth question, focusing on how they were mobilized to participate in COVID 19 response; their capacity to participate; nature and involvement level they were engaged in; policy engagement and knowledge sharing; and accountability in COVID 19 response. The youth constitute a critical mass of the Kenyan population. Its them who have the raw energy and provide the human resource that is essential for sustainable development. Therefore, they form a constituency that should never be ignored when seeking for solutions to address societal challenges. This survey reveals negligible government involvement in youth mobilization to participate in COVID 19 response; youths were involved as casuals more, less as administrative or supervisory staff; the youth had good knowledge about COVID 19 and poor knowledge on motivation to participate in the response value chain; Partnership with the youth in COVID 19 response was poor, they were not involved in budgeting for COVID 19 response funds, formulating peace and security policies, and policy engagement and knowledge sharing; and budget constraints were experienced by the youth participating in COVID 19 response.