Kenya Exploring Peaceful Coexistence in Nairobi's Urban Settlements, Eastleigh, Majengo, Mlango Kubwa

The aim of this research project was to increase CCMRE’s and LPI’s understanding of the complex web of mechanisms affecting (strengthening or weakening) communal coexistence and social cohesion in two sub-administration units of Kamukunji Sub-County and one sub-administration of Mathare Sub-County of Nairobi. The key findings fall under three interrelated themes: Socio-economic challenges-Most participants emphasised the role of a vast array of socio-economic challenges, such as the high level of unemployment, poverty and lack of education, which contribute to increase insecurity and tensions, therefore undermining peaceful coexistence in the area; Governance -related challenges at the local level- A majority of the participants expressed concern and frustration regarding the current devolution process, particularly around the lack of transparency and clarity about the roles and responsibilities of the newly elected county governments and the national government; Radicalisation and violent extremism - The growing threat of violent extremism was highlighted by most participants across both geographical areas and religious backgrounds.