Kenya – A Year After The Crisis: The Quest for Electoral Reform and Transitional Justice

"This Situation Report assessess the key issues raised by the Kriegler and Waki Commissions. In specific, it seeks to evaluate the challenges of implementing the recommendations pertaining to electoral reform and transitional justice. There is a political divide as far as the implementation of these recommendations is concerned. Some politicians view the implementation of the Waki Report as vital to the consolidation of peace through justice as well as crucial to laying the foundation for healing and reconciliation in Kenya. Other politicians have calculated that undermining the implementation of the Waki Report will work to their advantage and marginalise their opponents. In effect, Kenya is confronted with a ‘Waki Conundrum’ as far as instituting a transitional justice process is concerned. Yet, it can be argued that the future stability of the country hangs on the implementation of the recommendations of these commissions."