Just Gold: Bringing Responsible and Conflict Free Gold from Artisanal Mines to International Markets

IMPACT works with miners, traders, and exporters to create incentives for legal sales and provides capacity building to implement the traceability and due diligence required by the Just Gold project, in alignment with regional and international standards. We support artisanal miners to enter the formal economy, while promoting gender equality and environmental stewardship. Every sale of gold from the Just Gold project is linked to a deep paper trail and validated data. Customers and international market actors have peace of mind that their gold has been produced legally and is free of human rights violations. They have the knowledge that they are responsibly sourcing gold directly from artisanal mining communities, advancing women’s empowerment, and environmental protection. Through the Just Gold project, we’re collaborating with international market actors, policymakers, local authorities, and communities to ensure artisanal gold mining contributes to equitable peace and development.