This journal features several articles on renewable energy. On page 1 -A literature review on the potential of renewable electricity sources for mining operations in South Africa – analyzes the potential of renewable electricity sources for mining operations in South Africa. On page 22 - Incorporating a three dimensional photovoltaic structure for optimum solar power generation – the effect of height - examines methodologies for computation and analyzes the effect of height per unit volume compared with a plain surface arrangement. On page 30 Experimental investigation on heat extraction from a rock bed heat storage system for high temperature applications - this paper reports on the heat extraction from a charged rock bed. Discharging tests were performed under different air flow conditions and initial bed temperatures. On page 38 Modelling household electricity consumption in Durban municipality - this study models the energy consumption estimation practice within the Durban/eThekwini municipal area. On page 50 -Overview of predictive CSP spread prospects and its opportunities - this paper appeals the general idea that Concentrating Solar Power is not cost effective enough and attempts to illustrate the feasibility of this technology in South Africa. Page 60 Synthesis of zirconia-based solid acid nanoparticles for fuel cell application - Zirconia nanoparticles were prepared by the precipitation and ageing methods. The precipitation method was performed by adding ammonium solution to the aqueous solution of zirconium chloride at room temperature. Page 68 A life cycle assessment of e-books and printed books in South Africa - This paper presents the results of a study comparing the life cycle environmental impacts and cumulative energy demands of reading printed books (print system) with those of reading e-books from an Apple Air iPad (digital system), with a specific focus on production of books and use of both options in South Africa.