This journal comprises several articles and conference papers. The first article on page 2 is entitled: Reliability benefit of smart grid technologies: A case for South Africa by Angela Masembe. This study identifies a number of smart grid technologies and examines the impact they may have on the distribution reliability of a test system. The next article on page 10 is entitled : Low-income resident’s preferences for the location of wind turbine farms in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa by Jessica Hosking et al. This paper describes a wind farm project proposed for development in the Kouga Local Municipality, reports low-income local residents’ preferences on its nature and applies choice modelling to analyse these preferences. The next article on page 19: Identification and characterisation of performance limiting defects and cell mismatch in photovoltaic modules by Jacqui L Crozier et al. In this study, the cell mismatch in three single crystalline silicon modules was investigated using EL and current voltage (I-V) characterization techniques. On Page 27 : A perspective on South African coal fired power station emissions by Ilze Pretorius et al. This paper investigates trends of historical and projected future South African coal-fired power station criteria (total primary Particulate Matter (PM), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. The next article on page 41: Modelling energy supply options for electricity generations in Tanzania by Baraka Kichonge, Geoffrey R John and Iddi S N Mkila. On page 58 : Options for the supply of electricity to rural homes in South Africa by Noor Jamal. On page 66 : Determinants of energy poverty in South Africa by Zaakirah Ismail and Patrick Khembo. Page 79 : An overview of refrigeration and its impact on the development in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Jean Fulbert Ituna-Yudonago, J M Belman-Flores and V Pérez-García. On page 90 : Comparative bioelectricity generation from waste citrus fruit using a galvanic cell, fuel cell and microbial fuel cell by Abdul Majeed Khan and Muhammad Obaid. On page 100 : The effect of an angle on the impact and flow quantity on output power of an impulse water wheel model by Ram K Tyagi. The Conference Papers are entitled as follows: page 105 : Harnessing Nigeria’s abundant solar energy potential using the DESERTEC model by Udochukwu B Akuru et al. Page 111 : Efficiency analysis of an induction motor with direct torque and flux control at a hot rolling mill by Rupert Gouws. On page 116 : Contemporary wind generators by Udochukwu Bola Akuru et al. On page 125 : Impact of renewable energy deployment on climate change in Nigeria by Udochukwu B Akuru, Ogbonnaya I Okoro and Edward Chikuni.