This issue comprises several articles. The first article “The sensitivity of the South African industrial sector’s electricity consumption to electricity price fluctuations” proposes that the price elasticity of industrial electricity demand varies over time. This paper “ANN-based evaluation of wind power generation: A case study in Kutahya, Turkey” is presenting, in brief, the wind potential in Turkey and investigating the wind energy potential of the Kutahya region. “Performance analysis of a vapour compression-absorption cascaded refrigeration system with undersized evaporator and condenser” presents an extensive thermodynamic study of a vapour compression-absorption cascaded refrigeration system under fouled conditions. The article “Mapping wind power density for Zimbabwe: a suitable Weibull-parameter calculation method” reviews different methods for determining Weibull k and c from wind speed measurements. “Application of multiple regression analysis to forecasting South Africa’s electricity demand” discusses a methodology for forecasting long-term electricity demand that was specifically developed for applying to such scenarios. “A systems approach to urban water services in the context of integrated energy and water planning: A City of Cape Town case study” demonstrates the flexibility and importance of a systems approach to water resources planning. The main objective of “Renewable energy choices and their water requirements in South Africa” was to investigate and review renewable energy choices and water requirements in South Africa. “Energy consumption and economic growth nexus: Panel co-integration and causality tests for Sub-Saharan Africa” reassess the causal relationships between energy consumption and economic growth in 18 Sub-Saharan Africa countries over the period 1980-2011. “Energy models: Methods and characteristics” aims at developing a decision support tool with which the selection of appropriate model characteristics can be facilitated for developing countries.