This issue comprises several articles and conference papers. The first article: A case study of climate variability effects on wind resources in South Africa(page 2) studies and compares the wind speed distribution in two different locations. The next article is titled Clear sky solar illuminance using visual band irradiance(page 11). An assessment of electricity supply and demand at Emfuleni Local Municipality studies the supply and demand of household electricity and sustainability of distribution centres in this municipality (page 20). Energy consumption, thermal utilization efficiency and hypericin content in drying leaves of St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)(page 27) examines the consumption of energy in the drying industry. Practical considerations for low pressure solar water heaters in South Africa, page 36 investigates the design parameters of low pressure solar water heaters in South Africa. The impacts of energy prices and technological innovation on the fossil fuel-related electricity growth nexus: An assessment of four net energy exporting countries (page 46) examines the relationships between fossil fuel powered electricity consumption, economic growth, energy prices and technological innovations for four energy exporting countries. Economic implications of constant power outages on SMEs in Nigeria examines the effect of constant power outages on businesses. Renewable energy investment in Nigeria reviews the Renewable Energy Master Plan for Nigeria.The next conference paper : A pilot test of ethanol gel as a paraffin replacement in a low-income urban environment describes the result of this programme as a fuel for cooking in an informal settlement. In Energy profile of a low-income urban community the energy needs of such a community is discussed.