This journal issue comprises several articles. The first article 'An indicative assessment of investment opportunities in the African electricity supply sector' discusses a cost optimization tool to assess investment opportunities with regard to GDP growth, electricity trade and CO2 taxation. The next article examines the impact of thermoelectric cooling modules on the efficiency of a single-phase asynchronous machine. The article titled 'Evaluation of noise levels of two micro-wind turbines using a randomised experiment' assesses the noise impact of two micro-wind turbines on the environment. The article on climate change investigates the development in the formulation of harmonised SADC law and policy on climate change and mitigation in the energy sector. The article by Raymond Kimera and others discusses the proposition to supply electricity to a remote village in Uganda through a hybrid mini-grid system. The 'Numerical simulation of atmospheric boundary layer and wakes of horizontal axis wind turbines' presents simulation of wind-turbine wakes. The last article focuses on the impact of solar water heaters as a means of energy savings in higher education institutions.