Joint Ventures in Agriculture: Lessons from Land Reform Projects in South Africa

"This report begins by setting out the context for these types of joint ventures, within the context of the South African land reform programme (Chapter 2). Particular attention is paid to the restitution dimension of land reform, which aims to return ancestral land – much of it now highly developed – to former owners, many of them large and relatively poor communities. The two case studies of Levubu and Moletele are then considered in turn (Chapters 3 and 4), looking at the land in question, the communities and other actors involved, the nature of the business partnerships that have been created and the success or otherwise of these partnerships to date. Chapter 5 presents a comparative analysis of these two cases, looking in some detail at the emerging business models, the benefits to the communities, links between agricultural production and other (upstream and downstream) commercial activities, the role of Communal Property Associations (CPAs) within the respective communities and, finally, the impact on workers and employment. Chapter 6 summarises the main findings of the study, situating the South African experience in the wider international context, and presents a number of policy recommendations."