Equitability and sustainability should be exercised when natural resources are exploited. Diamond mining at Anjin has, to a large extent, revealed worst mining practices have been revealed, to a large extent, at the mining of diamonds at Anjin. These practices revealed to be exclusionary and unsustainable. Transparency and accountability challenges have dominated their mining activities resulting in insignificant revenue contribution to government. The mining venture has been accused of human rights violations notably against workers and the community. More than 474 families were dislocated by Anjin to Arda Transau without exercising due diligence to their social and economic rights. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) ― Africa and its individual countries must deploy high quality resources to manage the Africa – BRICS relationship, in a dialogue of equals-build negotiation capacity to be effective in bilateral forums, as well as to handle large and complex commodity deals. The situation at Anjin was described by the Presidential spokesperson as a national tragedy.