Is There Synergy Between Key Economic Development Policies and Financial Commitments on Infrastructural Projects in Nigeria for the Period 2010-2013?

The study has identified the major infrastructures or capital projects identified by the key documents for economic development in Nigeria. This review concentrated on major infrastructures and capital projects in transportation (roads and bridges, waterways, railways and airways), power sector, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the Niger Delta and the housing sectors. These sectors occupies a critical position in the economic growth and development of the country. Most of the major infrastructures and capital projects are in the transportation sector including construction and rehabilitation of selected key roads and bridges across the country; maintenance of roads and bridges across the country; construction and rehabilitation of rail line projects; construction of modern coastal rail lines; construction and rehabilitation of key river ports (Baro, Lokoja, Onitsha, Oguta, Degema and Yenagoa); dredging and reclaiming of the Niger and Benue rivers; concession routes for the private sector; upgrading and maintenance of the four major international airports (Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt) to ICAO standards and recommended practices; development of new deep seaports; and the dredging the harbours in Lagos and Bonny to accommodate large ocean liners and provide standard facilities, including RORO facilities in Bonny.