"The aim of this Symposium on International Relations in Southern Africa was to place in perspective South Africa's relations with those states which can be included within the general geographical area of Southern Africa. The first paper deals with a model for international economic co-operation in Southern Africa focusing on territorial or regional decentralisation of political power to the respective states. The second paper focus on the internationalisation of the apartheid question in the era after World War II and the progressive deterioration which this has brought about in South Africa's external relations. Africa is the key to full acceptance by the world community, and in this regard Southern Africa fills a cardinal position. Scientific co-operation ought to play an important role, not only to enrich and extend knowledge, but also to build bridges between nations. Respect for and acceptance of the Black man as scientific equal should not be seen as a threat, but as a further contribution to better human relations which alone can lead to a greater degree of security and hope for the future in the sub-continent of Africa. The future of a Southern Africa will consist of sovereign independent states - including independent Homelands - economically and financially modelled along the same lines as the European Economic Community. Therefore, in the coming years, this area will become to a greater degree one of priority for South Africa."