International Involvement in the African Nuclear Market

African countries want to become major competitors in the global economy. Socio economic development inevitably leads to an increase in energy demand. Some African countries are considering nuclear power as an alternative, clean source of energy. Others already use nuclear technologies in medicine, industry and agriculture. Yet others are at various stages of embarking on establishing or expanding their nuclear programmes. With Africa supplying 14% of the world’s uranium and with no foreseeable shortages, pursuing nuclear power is a viable option. International nuclear vendors and vendor countries will be involved in these nuclear programmes owing to a lack of local vendors in Africa. This paper considers the following vendor countries: Russia, the US, France, South Korea and China. Vendors and host countries will face typical challenges related to nuclear builds, such as the expense. However, in Africa these projects will also face unique challenges such as corruption and small electrical grids. In addition, vendors will be working in socio-economic and geopolitical circumstances that are complicated and uncertain.