Individual Confidence and Personal Security in the 2005 Zimbabwean Elections

"The 2005 elections are the sixth parliamentary elections since Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980. The first popular elections in Zimbabwe were held after the attainment of independence from colonial rule in 1980 and were held under the Lancaster House constitution, which provided for a bicameral legislature and reserved 20 seats for the minority whites. The election was based on the party-list electoral system that saw ZANU PF winning 63% of the votes (57 seats), the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (Patriotic Front) (PF ZAPU) 24% (20 seats) and the United African National Congress (UANC) 8% (3 seats). The major characteristics of these elections were the jubilation and euphoria of the black majority, who were experiencing universal suffrage for the first time. This was a reflection of their increased individual confidence and personal security."