This report commissioned by the IEA, evaluates implications of agricultural market access with the EU under the EPAs as well as the possible compensation mechanisms should there be losses from the EPA. In the light of the findings from the study, the report makes appropriate recommendations on the possible negotiating positions that the country should take. The scope and objectives of this report is therefore largely limited by the terms of reference which include inter alia: i) to examine the composition of Kenyan agricultural export trade with the EU since Lome (ii) to compare the commodities of export interest to Kenya with the protected products of the EU under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) (iii) to examine the Tariff and non-tariff barriers that Kenyan agricultural commodities face in the EU (iv) to examine the implications of an EPA on agricultural market access with the EU and possible compensation mechanisms when losses emerge from an EPA (v) to establish a negotiation position.