Implementing The Presidential (Transition) Act: Lessons, Challenges And The Way Forward

"The post-2012 election period presented the first test for implementing major aspects of the Presidential (Transition) Act, 2012 (Act 845). This paper undertakes a preliminary assessment of how the law has been implemented. The approach taken involves an evaluation of what has worked well, a review of what has not and a consideration of policy alternatives. The findings drawn from the assessment provide encouraging evidence of the law being put into practice. However, several challenges have emerged. To address the issues which have transpired, policy reform proposals are outlined to fine-tune the transition process and enhance the law’s effective implementation. Overall, the Transition Act remains integral to good governance in Ghana and its full implementation will close a chapter in the country’s dismal history of democratic transitions. We urge policymakers to act on the proposals set out in this paper in order to unlock the full potential of the law."